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Aisling Mooney

Design: where Art meets purpose 

Ideal Design relies on Architectural & Psychoanalytic Theory 

Aisling's Design relies on Architectural & Psychoanalytic Theory. The Vitruvian principles of 'firmitas, utilitas & venustas' in architecture in tandem with fundamental psychoanalytic understandings of the psyche, including 'containment' and transforming 'beta elements' into 'alpha-functioning' inform Aisling's work in design and business.

Effective design, especially in the digital space requires a translation of the physical world into the digital. It is imperative to find elegant solutions to communicating visually and textually that make the experience not just work, but to be enjoyable. Feedback and reward for interaction create a real conversation between the viewer and supplier. This is what lasts in the memory in a more tangible way once the digital or visual interaction has ended.

Firmitas or form instructs the creation of a physical, 3D, tangible space so that the 'in person' experience of digital design leaves a lasting memory through the interactive dialectic. Utilitas or 'usefulness' is crucial for design to perform its function and as engaging as design can be, it always requires information to be accessible and messaging to be clear for the experiencer's digestion. Venustas, the beauty of layout, typography and placement is what aligns the viewer to the scriptor. It is the beautiful moments when design inspires that exemplified ideal design.

The psychoanalytic theory of containment in design brings the viewer in and creates an all-encompassing world full of insight, information, answers to critical questions. Translating 'beta elements' or concepts into 'alpha-functioning' provides clarity, solves problems and inspires trust in the visitor to a platform, website or visual space and provides the reassuring space for introjection of content.

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#Entrepreneurship #FMCG #Vegan #Innovation #ProductDesign #Fundraising #Sustainability #Climate #MArketing #Published

#Entrepreneurship #FMCG #Design #Innovation #ProductDesign #Fundraising #Health #Women #HormonalHealth 

#Entrepreneurship #Branding #Design #WebDesign #ProductDesign #InstallationDesign


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Hypatia Score 2024

One of my most recent projects and most disruptive to date is an AI SaaS business that is currently in development with beta rollout expected in 2025. It is a radically innovative software tool for businesses to detect and eliminate biases within communications that provides solutions to one of the most destructive forces in the battle for DEI departments, unconscious bias.




Born out of the Box  2017-24

Operating since 2017, Born out of the Box, a creative agency, thinking out of the box innately, at the leading edge of innovative design and technology has experience great success working directly with political, FMCG, Luxury, Tech, Educational, NFP clients in the areas of branding, consumer research, data analysis & insight, website design, graphic design, video creation and communications. Working with a network of independent designers, developers, SEO and marketers. Click below to see some examples of work carried out.

As Creative Director I have acted as in-house team design lead for a number of projects in varied sectors such as education, luxury brands, NFP, political groups, art galleries and FMCG. I have developed client relationships from the first communication through understanding their needs, creating strategies to create change in their communications in print and digital while also creating all print, digital, website, social media and video assets. I am expert in the full Adobe suite for graphics, video, layout, UX etc., have extensive web design skills with an understanding of html, CSS etc. I am very comfortable using a number of project management software and tools such as figma etc. Some other experiences include:


  • Working on pivotal re-branding projects, brand repair, brand identity and brand loyalty projects with and on behalf of clients within educational, corporate, political, ecommerce, art, FMCG and luxury brand sectors.

  • Developing teams as part of longer term contracts, coaching and mentoring more junior members and providing workshops to instruct on design principles, UX/UI/web interactive design, marketing communications and how to construct visual messaging.

  • Designing and building front-end UX and also digitally integrating these with custom backend systems.

  • Setting brand guidelines, templating, guiding principles and strategy road maps for a sustainable approach with regular assessment of testing & metrics.

  • Leading cross-functional teams across design, development, marketing, SEO, sales, finance etc. to co-ordinate long-term communications strategy both internally and externally aligned with the companies goals and capabilities.

  • Providing psychoanalytic user-centred design of public spaces.

  • Creating and curating press releases and journalism.

PANA-H 2023-24

Estimated to launch Q1 2025 I developed PANA-H to fulfill the very real need for a convenient nutrition, energy and hormonal supplement drink for women. The first of its kind has undergone extensive research and development with intensive qualitative and quantitative research and analysis stages investigating directly with the target market to ensure perfect market fit and positioning opportunity.

Moodley Manor 2014-19

Co-founded by Aisling Mooney who held the position of CEO from 2014 to 2017, Moodley Manor revolutionised the Irish vegan food industry. In developing a range of class-leading (Irish Times 5* review) vegan meat alternatives for retail and food service and radical marketing (published by McGraw Hill 'Foundations of Marketing') Moodley Manor enjoyed distribution through Ireland, the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands, opened a restaurant (BEAST Eatery) in Dublin's City Centre and gained the attention of international press.

CV pre-2014


2010 - 2014

M.Phil in Psychoanalytic Studies from Trinity College Dublin, with a dissertation titled "Examining the void: a journey of anxiety through Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion."
2016 - 2017

• B.A. TSM from Trinity College Dublin, with a focus on history of art and architecture and world religions and theology. The dissertation was titled "Autobiographical -vs- Automatic Woman: A Study of Identity in the Surrealist Paintings of Leonora Carrington

and Max Ernst."

COO - Technique R.E.M.S.

2003 - 2010 

  • Project management for a team implementing integrated security solutions for state and private bodies.

  • Managed a team of fifteen employees, including engineers, sales agents, accounting, and administrative staff.

  • Oversaw tendering and project management.

  • Corporate brand development within private and public networks, digital media and communications.

  • Successfully negotiated and managed contractor and subcontractor relationships.

  • Oversaw financial management, purchasing and stock control, team management, and client relationships.

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